Goodyear Eagle RS-A All Season 235/55R19 101H Passenger Tire

Goodyear Eagle RS-A All Season 235/55R19 101H Passenger Tire

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Goodyear Eagle RS-A 235/55R19 101H


The Goodyear Eagle RS-A is an all-season touring tire specially designed for drivers who are looking for year-round traction . predictable handling . and durability. Often used as Original Equipment (O.E.) for performance sedans . sports cars . and sporty coupes . the Goodyear Eagle RS-A provides reliable traction under various driving conditions. It features an aggressive shoulder tread block which helps enhance grip on the road during cornering. The wide lateral grooves evacuate water efficiently out of the tires while maximizing wet road traction. So whether it's rain or shine . you can drive confidently knowing that your tires have your back. The Goodyear Eagle RS-A also minimizes road noise so you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride even when travelling at long distances. For the best results . it is recommended to use the Goodyear Eagle RS-A in sets of four.

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