Hipresso Programmable Super-automatic Espresso Coffee Machine with Large 7 inches HD TFT Display

Hipresso Programmable Super-automatic Espresso Coffee Machine with Large 7 inches HD TFT Display

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 Hipresso Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Frother . Countertop

The Hipresso super-automatic espresso coffee machine spoils coffee lovers for variety.Suitable for using at home .office.With large 7 inches HD TFT capacitive touch screen .dual heating system and one touch milk frother .you can enjoy a hot .creamy .silk smooth personal coffee beverage at a touch of a button in seconds.Its outstanding conical burr grinder and brewing system ensure maximun fressness and keep original aroma and taste from fresh beans.A Bypass doser allows you to brew pre-ground coffee. 

*Reddot winner 2020

*One Touch Brewing and Frothing

*Smart Alerts

*Pre-ground Coffee option

*Heat-Up Time in Less Than 30 Seconds

*Automatic Clean System . Easy to Clean

*Double thermo blocks - dedicated for both brewing and steaming offer accurate temperature controls for every drink in your recipe book

*Removable brew group-Allows you to clean it thoroughly just by rinsing it under the tap

*One button operation of milk frother .Creamy cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button

*The size of coffee machine is 18.11(Length) x 11.22(Width) x 14.37 (Height) inches

*Other Accessories: 1 x Cleaning Brush + 1 x Measuring Spoon + 1 x Milk Tube + 1 x Power Cord + 1 x Manual  


 1. It constantly alerts me to fill the beans while the bean tray is full . how to do?

Solution - " Touch "Menu"-"Calibrate"-Enter into "67"-Touch "OK" And it will come out information like "(2)R/S(0-9)" . if the first number is 2 . please enter into "3" . if "3" . then . inter into "4" . just +1 based on the first number of the information.

 2. It constantly alerts me to empty the drip tray though it's empty . how to do?

Solution - The waste water probes on the waste water tray might be clogged or wet. Take out the drip tray .clean and dry the two waste water probes with a dry cloth or tissues. 

3. Drinks are not hot enough . how to do?

Solution -Touch "Menu"-"Calibrate"-Enter into "77"-Touch "OK" .it will come out information like "(3) Temp (0-9).You can enter into a number which is smaller than the first number of the information.The smaller the number . the higher the temperature.

4. My machine cannot suck in milk . or cannot froth milk . how to do? 

Solution - The milk frother might have got clogged . disassemble it by parts and clean it carefully. If this solution is useless . then .please let our team know via Walmart message for further instruction video showing how to fix it.

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