Transeagle ST Radial II Trailer Tire - ST225/75R15 117L LRE 10PLY

Transeagle ST Radial II Trailer Tire - ST225/75R15 117L LRE 10PLY

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Transeagle ST Radial II


  • Trailer tire . NOT FOR LIGHT TRUCKS
  • Enhanced controllability
  • Upgraded load durability
  • Longer lasting tread life


The Transeagle ST Radial II is a highway terrain . all season tire manufactured for trailers. This tire is NOT MEANT TO BE MOUNTED ON LIGHT TRUCKS . as its construction will not support the weight and performing style of such vehicles. It can ONLY BE MOUNTED ON TRAILERS.

The tire promotes great controllability throughout its performance. The tread's symmetric ribbed pattern closely follows the road surface and increases the model's steering responsiveness and the driving stability. This enables the tire to improve the steering response time and accuracy to the towing vehicle's instructions . while stabilizing the structure against the driving and load pressure affecting the model. As a result . the tire makes the trailer easily controllable . making the towing vehicle's job easier.

The tread design features a symmetric ribbed pattern that maintains the tire's ideal road contact. The optimal road contact upgrades the length of the tread life as it evenly distributes the driving pressure along the tread area. The equally spread out forces of acceleration . cornering and braking actively avoids the formation of irregular tread wear on the tire's surface. This enables the tire to be used for a longer period of time . offering a more cost-efficient performance.

The ST Radial II upgrades the tire's load handling capability. The model features a reinforced steel belt construction that keeps the tire's ideal shape under the pressure. The heavy load pressure does not deform the tire's optimal shape . which enables the tire to carry and withstand large loads with ease during its performance. The better load handling durability upgrades the tire's versatile application.

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